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Ear Loop

The selection of earloop including 3mm round elastic and round black elastic materials. Our company insists on controlling the quality of products from the source. So in the selection of polyester and spandex suppliers, we insist that the raw materials of each supplier can pass the RoHs test and has the corresponding test report. We are a professional elastic cord manufacturer and elastic cord suppliers who provide elastic loops and mask loop. You can buy a bulk elastic cord from us!

Selection of ear loop materials. 

Our company insists on controlling the quality of products from the source, so in the selection of polyester and spandex suppliers, we insist that the raw materials of each supplier can pass the RoHs test .and has the corresponding test report .this ensures that the ear loops we made are different from those made in smaller factories. Our ear loops are not yellowish, have no distinct oil smells, do not contain fluorescent ingredients, and meet the standards of medical raw materials.

Regarding our ear loop equipment.

in the selection of machinery and equipment, our company adopts the latest generation of machinery and equipment.and equipped with cycloidal packing auxiliary facilities .direct packing after production .in this way, there will be no quality complaints about twisted or get tangled ear loops. It avoids the trouble of packing products after they are manufactured and waiting for the products to cool down .this is something that no other factory in the same industry can match, at the same time, our technicians are constantly improving machinery and equipment, striving for the best and best state of machinery.

Our ear loop products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast asia, Russia and other countries.it was very helpful for their face mask production and sales, and got the unanimous praise of the customers there.

The workers requirements for ear loop production.

Because the ear loops are made of a mixture of very fine polyester and spandex filaments .so when touching by hand, the back stab on the hand can easily scratch and touch the ear loop silk yarn. the ear loop can also be easily scrambled and have quality problems such as get tangled ,winding and knotting.

Our company specifically requires all machine operators to wear special gloves, and before workers take up their jobs, they should be trained and explained to them clearly what problems should be avoided.

The company has formed the habit of keeping records of all orders produced and detailed record of each customer's requirements and ear loop production process.

In the actual operation process,we accumulate a lot of production and business experience,these experiences ensure that we can do better and better in future customer service.

The ear loop we can provide are round ear loop with a diameter of 2.8mm to 3.0mm with different material ratios, the length of each kilogram can reach 1100m, and we also can provide flat elastic band, diameter from 3.0mm to 5.0mm, the length of each kilogram can reach 800m ,and the elongation can reach 280% to 290% .

Ear Loop