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Air Filter Materials

Primary efficiency air filter materials have excellent characteristics of low resistance, high efficiency, and large dust capacity; The intermediate efficiency filter material adopts a two-component structure, which has superior characteristics of accommodating large amounts of fine dust and low air resistance. Based on our deep understanding of the air purification market, our company carefully designs composite materials with high filtration efficiency, low resistance, and high dust tolerance suitable for air purification and fresh air systems. We can customize different types of composite materials according to customer requirements.

We insist on using high-quality viscose fibers as the base material, selecting high-quality activated carbon, controlling product quality from the raw material, and making activated carbon fiber felt through advanced processes such as flame retardant, drying, low-temperature carbonization, and high-temperature activation. Our company's air filtration products mainly include activated carbon non woven felt, honeycomb activated carbon filter, fibrous activated carbon filter, and high-efficiency filtration meltblown non woven fabric.

lower resistance,lower operating cost,large adsorption capacity and fast adsorption speed,reusable,acid and alkali resistance ,material green and environmentally friendly,it Widely used in fresh air systems in supermarkets, factories, and other places.

1. Activated Carbon Fiber Felt                

Activated carbon non woven felt is a high-efficiency activated carbon adsorption material made by high-temperature treatment of artificial cotton, mainly used for air purification and organic waste gas treatment and adsorption, with the aim of protecting the environment and saving resources.

The often used active carbon fiber felt weights are 200—300 g/sm,it is mainly used for making cup-type medical protective face masks ,chemical protective clothing and FFP2 industrial face masks ,industrial filtration,it can absorb and filter odor,body odor,smoke,toxic ,gas, O3, SO2, NO, etc. in the air. It can remove heavy metal ions, carcinogens, odor, mildew and bacteria from water.

Activated Carbon is a porous form of carbon that is activated during manufacturing. The activation process involves treating the raw material with steam and/or chemicals, thereby developing a high surface pore structure.

Activated Carbon Fiber is an excellent functional adsorbent material due to its high porosity and large surface area. It can be made into many different patterns, such as activated carbon felt, activated carbon cloth, and other activated carbon fabric.

Activated carbon is also called activated charcoal and the two can be used interchangeably. Activated Carbon Fiber is an effective material for purifying water and removing odors and volatile organic compounds.

The characteristics of activated carbon fiber felt are:

1. High adsorption rate, can achieve standard emissions, and multi-level adsorption rate can reach 99.99%;

2. Easy regeneration and fast desorption speed. Maintain the original adsorption performance during multiple adsorption and desorption processes;

3. The recycled organic matter has good quality and can be directly reused for production;

4. Acid and alkali resistant, with good conductivity and chemical stability.;

5. Good material formability;

6. Good heat resistance, able to withstand high temperatures above 1000 ℃ in inert gases, and ignition points above 500 ℃ in air;

2. Honeycomb Activated Carbon Filter

Honeycomb activated carbon filter is made by loading activated carbon on polyurethane materials,which has carbon content of about 35-50% and excellent adsorption functions. It can be used for air purification such as getting rid of volatile organic compounds, dust in the air, smoke, odors and pollutants such as toluene , and formaldehyde. The carbon content exceeds 50%, and the benzene capacity rate exceeds 22%. The pore size adjustment is convenient, and the permeability is good. It can be cut arbitrarily, with a thickness of 3-100mm,

Honeycomb activated carbon filter is often used as a filling material for exhaust gas purification in industrial settings, as well as various air purifiers, oil fume purifiers, and refrigerators for odor removal due to its excellent odor removal and dust blocking effects.

3. Fibrous Activated Carbon Filter Screen

Fibrous activated carbon filter is made of high-quality powdered activated carbon as the adsorbent material, which is attached to the fiber matrix using polymer bonding materials. It has good adsorption performance, good formability, high strength, low airflow resistance, and the physical characteristics of ordinary clothes. At the same time, it also has the adsorption and microporous filtration performance of activated carbon. Mainly used in various household and low-density exhaust gas workshops, air conditioning pipeline purification, household air purifiers, automotive air conditioners, air purifiers, water quality purification, gas-phase adsorption and other fields. The fibrous activated carbon filter can be used alone to remove fine dust, smoke, odor, and volatile organic pollutants such as benzene and formaldehyde; It can also be combined with ultra-fine melt blown fibers and coarse filter cotton to achieve higher dust filtering effects.

4. Conclusion

We focus on the research and production of air purification materials, providing high-quality and high-performance filtration materials that meet standards for the air purification field. Our company and related technical researchers combine years of accumulated practical experience in the air filtration industry with new technologies and concepts in the industry to develop a series of new filtration materials. Integrating melt blown, stationary and other technologies to create high-end and deep level filtration materials. The high-efficiency filtration melt spray produced has the characteristics of low resistance, low energy consumption, high filtration efficiency, large dust capacity, and high air permeability. We use pure melt blown materials and adopt a unique post-treatment process to make the material non pilling, tidy in appearance, easy to process, and have a longer service life and higher dust collection ability. Our company's meltblown non-woven fabric has stable performance, greatly improving the competitiveness and work efficiency of users.

Air Filter Materials