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ES Non Woven Fabric

The Overview of ES Non Woven Fabric

The main materials of ES non-woven fabric are PP+PE and PET+PE, customers choose different materials according to the product's application. The ES non-woven fabric used for surgical face masks need no shedding, link-free, and no chips, good uniformity and hand feeling is excellent, no irritation to the skin, non-toxic, so PP+PE materials are mostly used for medical face masks. The mostly used specification is 20g/sm-30g/sm, dull light surface treatment.

ES non-woven fabric for tea bags, packaging material and compound films are mostly PE+PET materials, PET can be hot-sealed and folded easily, can clearly see the folding marks, easy packing, sealing, and easy welding. The commonly used specification is 25g/sm-30g/sm, press polish surface treatment.

1.The Specification of ES Non Woven Fabric

Weight: 16g/sm-70g/sm

Maximum Width: 1.6m,3.2m

Machine Type: Import

Colors: All Colors Available

Length: By Request

Packing: Wrap Film

Material: 100% ES (PP+PE & PET+PE)

Width Tolerance: ±3mm

Weight Tolerance: ±0.5g/sm

Split Joint Times: ≦1

Polymer Clump: ≦2 PCS/50㎡

Embossing: Diamond Type

Loading Port: Shanghai China

20GP/40HQ Q'ty:7 Tons/16.5Tons

Brand Name: SENCI

Certificate: SGS, MSDS, RoHS

MOQ: White 1 Ton

Supply Ability: 2000 T/Month

2.ES Non woven Fabric Features

ES non woven fabric, here the ES means the raw material when producing non woven fabric. ES is "Ethylene-Propylene Side by Side" for short, it is one of the striking polyolefin series fibers developed by Japan Zhisuo company. As a new type of thermal bonding composite fibers, ES fibers are highly valued in the world.

The features of ES fibers: the fiber is a two-component skin-core composite fiber. Low melt point and good softness of cortical tissue, the core structure has a high melt point and high strength. A part of the cortex melts and acts as a bond after heat treatment, the rest remain in fiber statement. At the same time, it has the characteristics of small heat shrinkage rate. This fiber is especially suitable for the production of sanitary materials, heating filler and filter material which by hot air through the process, melting point is 130 centigrade and the material is PP/PE or PET/PE.

Our company relies on advanced technology, sophisticated production equipment, and rich production experience. The ES non woven fabric produced has the characteristics of uniform netting, smooth surface, super thin, good strength and super soft. We produce and sell more than 6000 tons annually. We can produce different weight and width ES non woven fabric according to the client's requirements. We can also do hydrophilic, waterproof, anti-bacterial, flame retardant and anti-aging treatment.

At present, the ES non woven fabric produced by us are mainly used to produce surgical face mask, tea bags, face masks packing bags, aluminum film composite bag, and heat-sealable packaging materials, the weight is between 16g/sm and 60g/sm, material PP/PE or PET/PE. It has characteristics of low melt point, low power consumption and high-cost performance, good flexibility and can customize patterns and specifications, the sealing strength is strong, high uniformity and can easily print.

The features of ES non woven fabric:

  • It has the characteristics of high fluffiness, good elasticity, soft hand feeling, strong warmth retention and air permeability.

  • It has good hardness and super-low air resistance and is suitable for the composite backcloth of various filter materials.

  • High tensile strength, it has good composite properties, composite materials with other non-woven fabrics have higher tensile fracture resistance and tear resistance.

  • No peeling, lint-free.

  • Good heat-sealing performance.

  • Good water repellency.

  • Good uniformity and hand feeling can be directly in contact with the skin.

  • Non-toxic, non-irritating, can effectively protect the skin.

ES Thermo Bond Non Woven Fabric Application

At present, the ES non woven fabric produced by us are mainly used to produce surgical face mask, tea bags, face masks packing bags, aluminum film composite bag, and heat-sealable packaging materials, the weight is between 16g/sm and 60g/sm.

Medical face mask and surgical face mask. The ES non-woven fabric used to produce surgical face masks is mainly in a dull light color, the material is 50%PP and 50%PE. This kind of fabric has the feature of smoothness and hand feeling soft and slippery.

Heat-sealable packaging material, other composite non woven fabric, tea bag, food packing bag, tea filter paper, especially the face mask bags which composited with aluminum film or PE film. We export this kind of ES non woven fabric to Korea more than 500 Tons per month. The appearance looks like A4 paper but the strength and flexibility are much better than paper.

ES Non Woven Fabric Types

We can produce products according to clients' specifications, dull color, semi-dark, bright surface, heat-sealed ES non-woven fabrics. We can also do the hydrophilic treatment. And the products are with low melting point, good air permeability, soft feel and other characteristics, with or without embossing patterns.


16g/sm—25g/sm for surgical face masks dull light with press polish.


25g/sm –60g/sm for composite nonwoven and aluminum film composite bag, heat-sealable tea bag and other packaging material, air filter and water filter material.

Non Woven Polyethylene Fabric Description

Our company uses high purity ES fibers and equipped with professional operators, maximum width can be cut into 3.2M and minimum 2CM. The products can be cut into different width according to buyer's requirements. The g/sm width between 16g/sm and 70g/sm, dull light and bright surface treatment.

ES Non Woven Fabric