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Honeycomb Activated Carbon Filter Screen

Honeycomb activated carbon filter screen is made by loading activated carbon on polyurethane materials,which has carbon content of about 35-50% and excellent adsorption functions. It can be used for air purification such as getting rid of volatile organic compounds, dust in the air, smoke, odors and pollutants such as toluene, and formaldehyde.

The Overview of Honeycomb Activated Carbon Filter Screen

The carbon content of the honeycomb activated carbon filter is about 35-70%, and it can be customized for flame retardant treatment or conventional design. This product has good adsorption performance, low gas resistance, good formability, and good purification effect. It can be used for air purification to remove volatile organic compounds and pollutants such as fine dust, smoke, odor, toluene, methanol, etc. in the air. It can also be used to make interlayers for daily necessities, textile products, refrigerator odor absorbing bags, etc., with good deodorization effect.

The Specification of Honeycomb Activated Carbon Filter Screen

Main Index/Description

Heneycomb activated carbon filter screen (SY-GAC-2001)

Basic Material

Polyurethane Sponge

Activated Carbon

Ligneous Powdery Activated Carbon

Content of carbon(%)


Benzene Capacity(wt%)


Feather of product

Adjustable aperture, good breathability, can be cut as desired

Material characteristic

Measurement:1000*2000㎜/ 1200*2000㎜

Pore Size:small (HR-20), middle(HR-15)、large (HR-10) (According to 60-15ppi)



Pressure Falloff

GasResistance=1.0m/SecPressure Falloff≤40Pa (Thickness=4㎜)

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Honeycomb Activated Carbon Filter Screen