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Fibrous Activated Carbon Filter Screen

Fiber shaped activated carbon filter is made by special processing of fiber shaped non woven fabric and activated carbon powder.

The Overview of Fibrous Activated Carbon Filter Screen

Fiber activated carbon filter is made by attaching powdered activated carbon onto polyester fiber substrate, with excellent formability (arbitrary cutting and folding), high strength, and mainly used for various household and automotive air conditioners, air filters, etc. It can be used alone or combined with ultra-fine melt blown fibers and coarse filter cotton to achieve higher dust filtration and deodorization effects.

The Specification of Fibrous Activated Carbon Filter Screen

Index/ Description

Fibrous activated carbon filter screen 

Basic Material

Polyester Fiber

Activated Carbon

Ligneous Powdery Activated Carbon

Content of carbon(%)


Benzene Capacity(wt%)


Feather of product

High quatity of dust,easy folding

Material characteristic


Thickness<5mm Length 50m-100m

Thickness≥5mm Length  60m



Pressure Falloff

GasResistance=1.0m/SecPressure Falloff≤80Pa (Thickness=5㎜)

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Fibrous Activated Carbon Filter Screen