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Activated Carbon Fiber Felt

Activated carbon fiber felt is widely used in air filtration and industrial liquid wastewater filtration, making immeasurable contributions to the development of modern industry and human health.

The Overview of Activated Carbon Fiber Felt

Activated carbon fiber felt is made from high-quality adhesive fibers as the basic material, using modern and advanced production and processing technology to make needle punched fiber felt from adhesive fibers. It is then activated by loading catalytic flame retardants, carbonization, and high-temperature treatment to produce fibrous activated carbon (ACF) with rich micropores and a huge specific surface area. This product has good adsorption performance, good formability, high strength, and low airflow resistance. Activated carbon fiber felt strongly adsorbs odors and odors in the air, as well as chlorine and impurities in tap water, capturing dust, pollen, and various suspended particles floating in the air. It has good filtration effect and fast adsorption speed. At the same time, it can be further processed to add sterilization function to the fiber felt

The Specification of Activated Carbon Fiber Felt

Activated Carbon Fibre Felt


Max Width:1.2m,1m

Machine Type: Made in China

Colors: Black Only

Length: By Request

Packing: PE Bag+Nylon Bag/Carton

Material:Adhesive Fibers  Needle Punched Felt

Width Tolerance:±3 mm

Weight Tolerance:±3.0 g/sm

Split Joint Times:≦1

Polymer Clump : ≦2 PCS/50㎡


Loading Port:Shanghai, China

20GP/40HQ Q’ty:4 Tons/10.5Tons

Brand Name:SENCI


MOQ: 500 kgs

Supply Ability:50 Tons/Month

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Activated Carbon Fiber Felt