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The Difference Between Disposable Dust Masks And Medical Masks. Can Dust Masks Protect Against Viruses?

The difference between medical masks and dust masks:

1. Medical mask

Medical mask making materials are made by laminating one or more layers of non-woven fabric. The main production process includes meltblown, spunbond, hot air or acupuncture. It has the effect of resisting liquids, filtering particulate matter and bacteria, etc. It is a medical protective textile.

2. Dust mask

It is an indispensable protective equipment for workers engaged in and exposed to dust. It is mainly used in working environments containing low concentrations of harmful gases and vapors, and working environments that generate dust. The cartridge contains only adsorbents or sorbents. Some cartridges are also equipped with a filter layer, which can prevent aerosols at the same time. Some military respirators are mainly made of activated carbon cloth. The water- and oil-resistant fabrics are used as the outer layer, glass fiber filter material is used as the inner layer, and activated carbon-impregnated polyurethane foam is used as the bottom layer, which can provide temporary protection in the event of a sudden attack of poisonous gas.

Can dust masks protect against viruses?

The dust mask is mainly dustproof, and the antibacterial and antivirus effects are average.

The virus usually does not exist alone in the air, but attaches to particles such as droplets, dust, and dander. The filtering mechanism of KN95 and N95 masks is to block these fine particles through the high-performance filter layer in the mask, and build a protective barrier.

The Difference Between Disposable Dust Masks And Medical Masks. Can Dust Masks Protect Against Viruses?