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Non Woven Fabric Cloth Needs Innovation in Post-epidemic Era

How will the non-woven fabric cloth industry go after the epidemic? Such a large non-woven fabric factory still has to innovate in the future. It is challenging to innovate non-woven fabrics. This depends on several directions:

Ⅰ. Non-woven fabrics should be innovative in terms of equipment

The non-woven equipment is the same, so the equipment must be innovated from front to back and from top to bottom.

Ⅱ. The innovation of non-woven fabrics in raw materials

The innovation of non-woven fabrics is the saddest for non woven fabric manufacturer in China. Why? The upstream enterprises are all state-related, and there are few innovative things. We in Shengci have many innovative products and are constantly developing slicing materials, including some additives. The production of spunbond is different from hot air. The finer the spunbond, the more textured it is.

Ⅲ. The vision of non-woven innovation is also very important

It mainly depends on which one to focus on and to achieve the ultimate quality of non-woven fabrics. Therefore, to compete with major international customers, the most important thing is to rely on quality control, have a quality accumulation, lay the foundation for the future non-woven market, and make our finished products have a certain degree of competitiveness. Therefore, the futures market must be a high-quality and innovative market. As long as the steps are taken solidly, there will be no problems in the future non-woven market.

Non Woven Fabric Cloth Needs Innovation in Post-epidemic Era