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A Brief Introduction of Activated Carbon Non Woven Fabric

1. What is activated carbon? What does it have to do with activated carbon non-woven fabrics?

Activated carbon is also called activated carbon black. It is black powdered or granular amorphous carbon. The main factor of activated carbon is oxygen, hydrogen and other elements besides carbon. This is the reason why activated carbon is a hydrophobic adsorbent. In addition to carbon, activated carbon also includes two types of admixtures: one is compounded elements, and the tension is oxygen and hydrogen. These elements are left in the carbon due to incomplete carbonization. Probably during the activation process, foreign carbon element is combined with the appearance of activated carbon. For example, when activated with water vapor, the appearance of activated carbon is oxidized or steam oxidized; another type of admixture is ash, which is the inorganic part of activated carbon. The elemental composition of several activated carbons can easily cause secondary pollution. 

Activated carbon non-woven fabric is made of a combination of ultra-fiber activated carbon and non-woven fabric. It has both the characteristics of non-woven fabric and the characteristics of activated carbon. It usually has the function of adsorbing dust and toxic gas, and can effectively adsorb various industrial waste gas. Such as benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia, carbon disulfide. It is mainly used to make protective anti-virus and dust-proof masks, which are widely used in chemical, paint, and other heavy pollution industries. Activated carbon non-woven fabric can also be used in dust masks, and other wide fields.

2. Application of activated carbon non-woven fabric

At present, activated carbon non-woven fabrics are mainly used to make non-woven activated carbon masks, which are widely used in heavy pollution industries such as chemical industry and paint, with significant anti-virus effects. It is also sometimes used to make activated carbon insoles, life, etc., and has a good deodorizing effect. Activated carbon non-woven fabric is made of high-quality powdered activated carbon as the adsorption material, and is made of polymer adhesive material attached to the non-woven matrix. It has good adsorption performance, thin thickness, good air permeability, and easy thermal synthesis shape. Its application has also played a vital role in solving the current epidemic situation.

A Brief Introduction of Activated Carbon Non Woven Fabric