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KN90 Respirator and N95 Mask, Which One is Better.

Compared with the protection level of these two kinds of masks, the N95 mask is better than the KN90 mask. Both of them can effectively protect non-oil dust particles, and both of them can be used as anti haze masks.

KN90 respirator

KN90 respirator is suitable for the industries of non-ferrous metal processing, metallurgy, steel, coking, gas, organic chemical industry, food processing, construction, decoration, petrochemical, asphalt and other oil and non-oil particle pollutants such as dust, smoke, fog, etc.

As a professional respirator, the KN90 respirator can capture more than 90% of particles under 2.5 μ m in the protection ability test. Although it is not as good as N95 in particle protection, the KN90 respirator is relatively comfortable.

Users may feel a little stuffy when breathing. But it will not have a great impact on outdoor travel. For some people with respiratory diseases, the KN90 respirator is also a good choice if they want to travel in a haze for a short time.


N95 respirator

N95 is the first standard proposed by NIOSH. "N" refers to "not resistant to oil" and "95" refers to that under the detection conditions specified in NIOSH standard, the barrier rate of 0.3 μ m particles must be more than 95%.

 Therefore, N95 is not a specific product name, but a standard. As long as the respirator passes NIOSH review and reaches this standard, it can be called "N95".

 N95 masks often have a breathing valve device, which looks like a big mouth, so N95 is also commonly known as a "pig mouth mask". The transmittance of N95 is less than 0.5% in the protective ability test for particles below PM2.5. In other words, more than 99% of the particles are blocked outside.

 Therefore, N95 respirator is used as personal protective equipment for occupational respiration to protect some microbial particles (such as viruses, bacteria, mold, tuberculosis, anthrax, etc.). N95 is undoubtedly one of the most common masks with the best filtering protection effect.

However, although the N95 has a high degree of protection, there are some performance limitations. This makes the N95 respirator not suitable for all people. It is also not a "foolproof" means of protection.

First of all, N95 has poor air permeability and comfort. It is not suitable for the elderly with chronic respiratory diseases and heart failure to wear it for a long time to avoid breathing difficulties.


 Secondly, when wearing an N95 mask, the nose clamp and jaw should be pinched tightly. The respirator and the face shall be closely fitted to prevent particles in the air from being inhaled into the body through the gap between the respirator and the face. However, due to the different face shapes of each person, if the design of the respirator is not suitable for the user's face shape, it may cause leakage.

 In addition, the N95 respirator can not be washed with water. Its service life is 40 hours or 1 month. Therefore, the cost is significantly higher than other masks. Consumers can't buy N95 blindly because it has a good protective effect. When purchasing N95 masks, the purpose of protection and the special situation of users should be fully considered.

KN90 Respirator and N95 Mask, Which One is Better.