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Advantages of Laminated Non-woven Fabric

Laminated non-woven fabric is also called laminated composite non-woven fabric, which is newly developed on the basis of non-woven fabric. In short, the manufacturing process of laminated non-woven fabric is coating a layer of plastic film on the original non-woven fabric. Usually, it is made by laminating non-woven fabric on plastic which is heated to hot-melting at high temperature or adding PE material layer on PP non-woven fabric. Compared with other types of non-woven fabrics, laminated non-woven fabric is softer and tougher. It can be used as waterproof material, which can resist bacteria and absorb moisture. 

Here are some advantages of laminated non-woven fabric.

1. Air Permeability:

The material of the laminated non-woven fabric is evenly distributed, so it has excellent air permeability and water permeability.

2. Flexibility:

Laminated non-woven fabric feels better and softer.

3. Physical Properties:

Laminated non-woven fabric has excellent compressive strength and expansion characteristics.

4. Corrosion Resistance:

Laminated non-woven fabric is convenient to use in packaging and printing. It can also resist high temperature.

Laminated non-woven fabric is a newly developed material. This technology can also be applied to other non-woven fabrics and fabrics. According to its production principle, double-layer or triple-layer fabrics can be combined together to form composite fabrics, so as to produce products with unique functions, such as high strength, high water absorption capacity, high barrier properties and adjustment capacity of hydrostatic pressure.

Laminated non-woven fabrics are widely used in diagnosis and treatment, environmental hygiene, safety protection, industrial production and automobile industry, etc.

Advantages of Laminated Non-woven Fabric