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The Differences between PP Non-woven Fabric and PET Non-woven Fabric

Non-woven fabric is a fabric that does not need to be woven. It is made of short fibers or filaments through special manufacturing processes. It is transparent, moisture-proof, mold-proof, durable, and environmentally friendly, and is widely used in many fields of society. PP is a non-woven fabric made of polypropylene, of which there are many types. PP non-woven fabric is also widely used in many fields of society.

Understanding of PP non-woven fabric

Generally speaking, the production process of PP non-woven fabric includes melting and spinning. The production process is simple and the production cost is low. Of course, due to the numerous brands of PP non-woven fabric, the prices still vary greatly. Some have complex production processes, high technical requirements, and high costs. Moreover, the prices of this non-woven fabric also vary due to the geographical location of consumers and the profit pursued by manufacturers.

PP non-woven fabric can be used for various purposes, such as building materials. It can be used as a greenhouse, a cover for fruits and plants, and for insulation, frost protection, pest control, shading, etc. It can be used as various linings in clothing. This non-woven fabric has a short degradation time because of its environmental protection.

What is the difference between PP non-woven fabric and PET non-woven fabric?

PP is the raw material of polypropylene, namely polypropylene fiber, which belongs to thin non-woven fabric; PET is a new type of polyester raw material, namely polyester fiber, and no additives are added throughout the production process. It is a very good environmentally friendly product and belongs to thick non-woven fabric. In the daily necessities industry, PP non-woven fabrics can be used as lining materials for clothing, curtains, wall decoration materials, diapers, travel bags, etc.

However, because PP non-woven fabric is a new type of fiber product with delicate, breathable, and flat structure, we need to crush the PP raw materials before production. In this process, the tiny fabric dust produced during crushing can harm human health. Therefore, in the production process, the first thing to do is to pay attention to the health of workers, take necessary measures, and wear gas masks to work. Moreover, throughout the entire production process, the fine dust produced by it is very easy to float in the air, which is a task, because a careless fire will cause great losses to the manufacturer. Additionally, PP non-woven fabric is a kind of insulation material in insulation products. In the production, we should try to avoid the waste rate of each production link. Therefore, as a manufacturer, improving the success rate of products is the basis for winning the market. Therefore, maintenance of production equipment should be strengthened regularly in daily production to avoid affecting product quality. PP has a wide range of applications in daily life, not only because of its unique advantages, but also because its technology is more visible than other technologies.

The Differences between PP Non-woven Fabric and PET Non-woven Fabric