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Why Non-woven Fabric is Chosen as the Material of Protective Clothing?

In the basic protection and medical working environment, there will be dangers of germs, harmful ultrafine dust, acid solutions, salt solutions, and corrosive chemicals. For these dangers, protective clothing is needed to protect the entire body of the staff. Protective clothing is also called work clothes. Most of the protective clothing is made of non-woven fabrics.

Medical protective clothing made of non-woven fabric is generally hooded from head to shoulder to the body, with cuffs and trousers tightened. Protective clothing is required to effectively block the entry of dust and solid particles in the operating environment. It is also required to wear comfortable and breathable, and not easy to fall out of dust. Not only that, but it also requires strong protection to block light splashes in low-risk areas.

Here is an introduction to the common types of protective clothing made of non-woven fabrics.

1.  Ordinary PP Non-woven Protective Clothing

It is made of PP spunbond nonwoven cloth. It is characterized by good air permeability, dust-proof, and good tensile resistance. The difference between the positive and negative sides is not obvious. PP spunbond nonwoven cloth is used in ordinary isolation clothing, low-grade isolation clothing, and patient clothing.

2.  Breathable Film Non-Woven Protective Clothing

It uses PE laminated non-woven fabric, so it has strong air permeability and better anti-permeability. In addition, it has a high impact resistance while resisting a variety of organic solvents, acid, and alkali corrosion. Not only that, its mechanical properties are strong, soft, and comfortable. And it is non-combustion supporting, non-toxic, non-irritant, and harmless to skin. It has the advantages of bacteria isolation, waterproof, micro air permeability, and soft texture. Consequently, it is a high-level medical protective clothing. Its characteristic is that the human body's sweat can radiate outward. However, the harmful gas and moisture outside can't invade.

Why Non-woven Fabric is Chosen as the Material of Protective Clothing?