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What if the Non-woven Polyethylene Fabric Produced Has No Strength?

Maybe you just dismantled the die head and installed it, and it will not work. The non-woven polyethylene fabric has no strength. When it is blown, it is oblique and always blows to the left. Why is this? Why should it be dismantled after a week of operation? The reason is that the hole may be blocked. This may be one of the most common problems with meltblown nonwoven production lines.

Ⅰ. Reasons for plugging holes in the meltblown non woven polyethylene fabric production line

1. The non-woven surgical fabric material has large ash content and impurities;

2. The spinneret hole is not smooth enough;

3. The non-woven surgical fabric material is unstable;

4. No filter is added;

5. The non-woven material barrel is not cleaned up.

Ⅱ. The reason why the non-woven polyethylene fabric has no strength

To evaluate meltblown materials, we cannot just look at the melt index (data representing only one point) and ash content. In fact, it is very important to look at the pressure rise (rheology). This imported meltblown line has a real-time online display of the head pressure, and it is necessary to observe pressure fluctuations. The curve is used to judge the stability of the melt index of the raw material and the level of impurity control.

On-line detection and real-time display of non-woven melt pressure is very important, and only when the fluctuation is controlled within the allowable range can there be a uniform and soft high-quality fabric.

Secondly, the wind blows diagonally, the cloth is too hard, the left and the right are divided into knife edges, one side is wide and the other is narrow, the die head is not standard, the quality of the die head is poor, it needs to be corrected, the non-woven polyethylene fabric is hard and has no strength, the wind force is not enough, and the air duct should be adjusted well.

The spinneret is basically not all right the first time. After observing what is wrong, adjust the bolts next to the spinneret and try again. If the spinneret is not adjusted properly, turn off the machine and remove the spinneret. After re-adjustment, install it again. 

Or ask the master to find a spinneret manufacturer or a meltblown line manufacturer, and ask for advice on re-adjusting the spinneret. The spinneret is deformed, and now the die head is not heat-treated in order to catch up with the schedule. It will be deformed when burned. Try to install a filter before the non-woven polyethylene fabric manufacturer leaves the machine. It is best to do double filtration. After all, the core of this machine is the spinneret.

What if the Non-woven Polyethylene Fabric Produced Has No Strength?