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What Are the Quality Requirements for Medical Non-woven Fabric?

Non-woven fabrics are widely used in medical treatment. The raw materials of common masks, protective clothing, gloves, etc. are all non-woven fabrics. In addition to cotton, non-woven fabrics are commonly used as packaging materials in the disinfection supply center. Compared with cotton packaging, non-woven fabrics have made great progress in reducing cotton dust pollution. The medical non-woven fabric is used to wrap the instrument box to prevent the sterilized instruments from being contaminated again. Medical non-woven fabric is breathable, waterproof, flexible, non-toxic, non-irritating, etc. It can be used for sterilization packaging of low-temperature plasma, pressure steam, and ethylene oxide, etc.

What are the quality requirements for medical non-woven fabrics?

1. Non-woven packaging material should have microbial barrier properties, water resistance, compatibility with human tissues, air permeability, saltwater resistance, surface absorption. Toxicology test, maximum equivalent bore diameter, drape, tensile strength, wet tensile strength, and burst resistance, etc. should all meet relevant regulations. It can only be used once.

2. Storage Environment Requirements

The storage requirements of medical non-woven fabric should meet the following specifications: inspection, packaging, and sterilization area temperature being 20℃-23℃; relative humidity being 30%-60%; mechanical ventilation for 10 times per hour. The cotton dressing packing room should be separated from the equipment packing room to avoid cotton dust from contaminating equipment, non-woven fabrics, and other packaging materials.

3. Size Requirements

1) Instrument Set in Operating Room:

It needs to refer to the size of the instrument cart in the operating room. If a non-woven fabric is required to be laid on the instrument cart table, the non-woven fabric should exceed the edges of the table by more than 30cm.

2) Instruments with Irregular Shapes:

You should choose a net basket to make them regular, such as chest opener, electric drill, etc., and then pack them with non-woven fabric. Round containers, such as cotton ball cylinders, should be placed in the middle of non-woven fabric. After the left and right edges are folded back, roll them forward and fold back the edges inward for 3cm-5cm before packing.

3) Frame Retractor Instruments:

Adhesive tape can be properly used to fix the non-woven fabric during inner packaging to prevent loosening.

These are the requirements for medical non-woven fabrics. Non-woven fabrics are widely used in our daily life. Fuyang Sensi Trading Co., LTD. is a non-woven fabric manufacturer. We provide various types of non-woven fabric products to our customers. You are welcome to call for a consultation or visit our factory.

What Are the Quality Requirements for Medical Non-woven Fabric?