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    Non-woven fabrics are widely used in medical treatment. The raw materials of common masks, protective clothing, gloves, etc. are all non-woven fabrics. In addition to cotton, non-woven fabrics are com...
  • What Are the Advantages of Non-woven Fabric for Medical Mask?
    In the medical field, non-woven fabrics are usually used to make disposable masks, hoods, protective clothing, shoe covers, disposable sheets, etc. Masks are usually made of two kinds of non-woven fab...
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    Laminated non-woven fabric is also called laminated composite non-woven fabric, which is newly developed on the basis of non-woven fabric. In short, the manufacturing process of laminated non-woven fa...
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Colorful Ear Loop(Elastic Band)3mm-5mm Width

Colorful Ear Loop(Elastic Band)3mm-5mm Width

Colorful Ear Loop(Elastic Band)3mm-5mm Width