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Meltblown Non-woven Cloth Used for Medical Surgical Masks

Understanding meltblown nonwoven cloth for medical surgical masks

Meltblown nonwoven cloth can be said to be the "heart" of medical surgical masks and N95 masks. Medical masks and N95 masks usually adopt a multi-layer structure, which is called a "short message structure". That is to say, the inner and outer layers are single square-dot layers, and the middle layer (M) is usually divided into single or multiple layers. The flat mask is usually sprayed with PP sponge or improved with short fibers to enhance the skin feel. The three-dimensional cup-shaped mask is usually polyester impregnated with cotton or polypropylene spunbonded. The outer layer is waterproof non-woven fabric, mainly used to block the foam sprayed by patients. The middle layer is a solvent non-woven fabric that has been specially treated and has good filtering, shielding, and heat insulation performance. It is an important raw material for mask production. The inner layer is usually non-woven fabric. The spinning layer (S) and the solvent layer (M) of the mask are both non-woven fabrics. The raw materials are all polypropylene, and only the production process is different. The fiber diameter of the inner and outer spinning layers is about 20 microns, and the fiber diameter of the middle meltblown layer is only 2 microns. It is made of polypropylene material called high melting point fiber.

Types of meltblown nonwoven cloth

Meltblown nonwoven cloth can be used as a filtering material, whose advantages are fine fibers, fluffy structure, many pores, and small pore size. After appropriate finishing, it is a kind of performance. It has excellent filtration and has been widely used.

Skin-core type

It can make non-woven fabrics feel soft and can be made into concentric, eccentric, and special-shaped products. This type of meltblown nonwoven cloth generally has a core material, and expensive polymers with special or required properties are used as the outer skin, such as polypropylene as the core and nylon as the outer skin to make the fiber water-absorbing; the core is polypropylene, and the outer skin is low-melting-point polyethylene or modified polypropylene, modified polyester, etc. For conductive fibers such as carbon black, the conductive core is wrapped inside.

Parallel type

It can make non-woven fabrics have good elasticity. This usually makes two different polymers or the same polymer with different viscosity into parallel bicomponent fibers, and uses the different thermal shrinkage of different polymers to make spiral curly fibers. For example, the nonwoven cloth made of meltblown PET/PP bicomponent fiber has excellent elasticity due to different shrinkage and spiral curvature.

Mixed type

It mixes fibers with different materials, colors, fibers, and cross-sectional shapes, and even skin-core parallel fibers together to form a fiber network that has both co-spun fibers and bicomponent fibers, making the fibers have the required performance. Compared with general meltblown fiber products, this meltblown bicomponent fiber nonwoven cloth or mixed fiber nonwoven cloth can further improve the filtration performance of the filter medium, making the filter medium have anti-static, conductive, water-absorbing, and enhanced barrier properties, etc. Or improve the cohesion, fluffiness and air permeability of the fiber network.

Meltblown Non-woven Cloth Used for Medical Surgical Masks