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Medical Non Woven Fabric VS Ordinary Non Woven Fabric

Ⅰ. The application of medical non-woven fabric is becoming wider and wider

With the continuous update and rapid development of packaging materials for sterilized items, medical non-woven fabric, as the final packaging material for sterilized items, has successively entered the disinfection supply centers of various hospitals at all levels.

Ⅱ. Medical non-woven fabric vs ordinary non-woven fabric

1. The embodiment of anti-bacterial effect

High-quality medical non-woven fabric generally requires the use of SMMMS three-layer melt-blown layer structure. Common medical non-woven fabrics in the industry use SMS single-layer melt-blown layer structure. In contrast, the three-layer structure has anti-bacterial performance. It is better than a single-layer structure. Non-medical ordinary non-woven fabrics do not have a melt blown layer in the middle, and cannot prevent bacteria.

2. Compatible with multiple sterilizations

Good medical non-woven fabrics need to be suitable for multiple sterilization methods at the same time, preferably three sterilization methods of pressure steam, ethylene oxide, and hydrogen peroxide plasma, which can be used at the same time. Ordinary non-medical non-woven fabrics cannot be sterilized.

3. Strict quality control

For high-quality medical non-woven fabrics, the production process needs to pass the ISO13485 international medical product quality control system certification, and there are real-time online inspections at every step of the production process. This can help each piece of non-woven fabric sent to the hospital have a related batch inspection report. And ordinary non-medical non-woven fabrics do not need to reach medical grade inspection.

4. Caring for health

Good medical non-woven fabrics will use green, safe and environmentally friendly PP particles, and it is best to issue reports with relevant hygienic and toxicological requirements. Ordinary non-medical non-woven fabrics cannot withstand sterilization conditions such as high humidity and high temperature, and of course there is no need to produce relevant toxicology reports.

Medical Non Woven Fabric VS Ordinary Non Woven Fabric