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How to Choose the Surgical Face Masks? FFP2, FFP3, N95, KN90?

1. Protection effect comparison:FFP2, FFP3, N95, KN90

How should the protection level be converted between the three different standard masks? Obviously, EU FFP can filter non-oily and oily particles at the same time, while N and KN in the United States and China can only effectively filter non-oily particles. Therefore, the formula of their protective effect is roughly: FFP3>FFP2=N95>KN90

2. In a special period, how to choose a surgical mask?

Ordinary medical masks are used to block the splashes exhaled from the oral cavity and nasal cavity, and can be used for one-time hygiene care in ordinary medical environments with the lowest level of protection. It is suitable for general health care activities, such as sanitation, liquid preparation and cleaning bed units, or barrier or protection of particles other than pathogenic microorganisms such as pollen.

The most effective role of 95 masks is to prevent and control the spread of severe respiratory diseases, such as SARS or influenza and the COVID-19. You can choose masks marked with N95, FFP2 cloth and above standards.

At the same time, studies have shown that surgical face masks are no worse than N95 masks in preventing influenza within the prescribed range. Zhong Nanshan, head of the high-level expert group of the National Health Commission in China's fight against SARS, also said, "It is not necessary to wear N95 masks. General masks can block most of the virus-laden droplets from entering the respiratory tract and prevent the COVID-19, wearing a mask is still useful." So if you can't buy an N95 mask, you can choose a general surgical mask non-woven fabric.

In general, if it is an individual under ordinary circumstances, general N95 masks and surgical face masks are most sufficient. However, if in a relatively high-risk environment, the level of masks that can effectively prevent respiratory infections needs to be higher, you can choose FFP2 or FFP3 masks, these two masks will be more suitable for fever clinics, isolation wards medical staff and confirmed patients to transfer when wearing.

How to Choose the Surgical Face Masks? FFP2, FFP3, N95, KN90?