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Application of Medical Non Woven Fabric in Sterilization of Medical Device Packaging

1. Medical non-woven fabrics have replaced the double-layer plain weave cotton

The quality of the sterilization of medical devices is directly related to the quality of medical treatment and medical safety. With the continuous development of sterilization technology, packaging materials used for sterilization preservation are becoming plumper. In the past, medical devices were mostly sterilized by double-layer plain cotton cloth or unsealed rigid container packaging. This kind of packaging has some disadvantages, such as short shelf life of sterilized articles, short service life of instruments and increased cost of disinfection.

At present, the unique barrier formed by the special porous arrangement of the medical non woven fabric can make the steam and other media bend and penetrate into the bag, and   effectively isolate the bacteria and other microorganisms. So the non-woven packaging and sterilization are used to sterilize the clinically necessary but low-frequency instruments and some surgical instruments.

2. The application of medical non-woven fabrics in the sterilization of medical device packaging

Medical non-woven fabrics have good sterilization effect. The purpose of packaging sterilized items is to keep medical devices sterile during the storage period before use. Therefore, sterile packaging materials are required to have good sterilization effects and isolation of bacteria. The packaging materials of equipment items should be selected flexibly and used reasonably.

To give full play to the greatest advantage of packaging materials, medical non-woven fabrics form a unique barrier to isolate bacteria for its special structure. Reasonable packaging of the instruments with low clinical use frequency and some special surgical instruments can prolong the sterilization storage period, reduce the damage caused by repeated sterilization, and prolong the life of medical instruments and medical items.

Application of Medical Non Woven Fabric in Sterilization of Medical Device Packaging